Racing to the future

We present the discipline Games of Future. Phygital racing in parallel universes.

So, what do races with the prefix “phygital” look like? The competition is held in two worlds: digital – in Assetto Corsa – and real on the karting track.

The race is held in relay format with each team consisting of two pilots. The first participant starts on the karting track in accordance with the result showed in qualifications. Then he passes the baton onto to his team-mate who runs through the distance in digital format. As soon as the second pilot crosses the virtual finish line, he runs up to his kart to prove himself on a real track. The first pilot completes the relay on an automobile simulator.

So, it is important not only to be a versatile pilot in both universes but also work as a cohesive team. Mikhail Statsenko, a racer of EK-ALGA team, who will participate in such format in the Phygital Games in Kazan, appreciated the new approach: “It is a huge step forward. It goes to show that eports is no just about sitting in front of a computer but it also offers an opportunity to get applied skills playing on a car simulator”.

Dimensional intersection

Formula-1 racers have repeatedly admitted in their interviews that they don’t mind racing on a simulator considering it as an additional preparation.

Two-time Formula-1 champion Max Verstappen and SMP pilot Aleksander Smolyar have recently clashed on a virtual track of the race “6 hour of Spa”. The pilots participated in different classes – LMP и GTE.

The Dutch who had a one-lap advantage over his pursuer Smolyar, attacked the Russian at the turn but was pushed off the track. It is worth noting that despite being run off the track the skillful racer finished second.

I killed Verstappen but it wasn’t my fault” – Aleksander Smolyar wrote in his Telegram-channel, describing the situation in details.

Car simulators are not toys Practicing on professional simulators in racing has become an inalienable part of the preparation. These technologically sophisticated devices – just like the racing cars – are worth millions of dollars. For example, on Friday pilots can test the car on a simulator using as a guideline Saturday weather forecast. And on Saturday by the time of the first exit on the track the team had already prepared specific settings for this kind of weather.

Motorsport trends phygital-format in sport as a trend of the time combines favorite sport disciplines with their digital analogs. And therefore, pretends to carve out its niche in motorsport. But there are other trends, too.

“The main trend is environmental friendliness”

Formula-1 is using hybrid power units and shortly will switch to synthetic fuel from renewable raw materials. In recent years we have seen the appearance of several series where racing electric cars compete.

“This is the main trend and no other trends can match it in terms of its importance. Besides more and more attention is being paid to self-realization of women in motorsport”, – says general director of the program of Russian moto sport development in SMP Racing Alexander Zhemchuzhnikov.

But the coolest thing is when representatives of this discipline honor their traditions – for example, the tradition of spraying champagne on the podium, but at the same time they remain open to new formats. Who knows, maybe it is precisely phygital which will discover new names in motorsport.

See you soon, at the Phygital games in Kazan on November 24, 2022.