Slashing the boundaries between the worlds – Beat Saber makes its way to the big stage

Phygital Games, second competition day, enter the VR-gamers. At long last, one of the most technological disciplines of the upcoming innovative tournament Games of Future 2024 was presented in all its glory.

Four participants were vying for the trophy of competition with the conceptual name Phygital Flame: Valeria Ampolskaya, Roman Konev, Dmitry Berg and Daniil Ivchenko. They passed the rhythmic game on the level Expert +. Spectators enthusiastically bumped to the beat of famous compositions and sang along to world hits. Meanwhile one could see on stage a battle on virtual swords with flying colored cubes.
The draw determined the following pairs of opponents for the saber duels: Konev vs Berg and Ampolskaya vs Ivchenko. While Roma Konev pulled off a dry run winning 3-0, in the second clash the two opponents had to dance to five tracks to determine the winner. Daniil Ivchenko somehow prevailed. In the next round the winners faced each other, while the losers “crossed swords”.
Valeria Ampolskaya grabbed the bronze as she out-danced Dmitry Berg, while the title match was an all-male affair as Daniil Ivchenko squared off with Roman Konev. The battle was tight, plus the guys picked up compositions which were kind of heavy. Roman Konev became the king of this discipline.
“I really liked it all a lot. Especially the final round, I kept on fighting till the end.
I promise – I’ll be back to take the top spot. I know I can do better, plus there are custom Beat Saber songs, they are more complicated, so I want to compete to the tune of these custom songs next time. In general, it is my hobby, I love the games where you must show your reaction speed. Friends and relatives were very supportive of me, they knew that I’ve been striving for it day after day, year after year. At long last, I was able to participate in such a large-scale event and prove myself”, said silver medalist of the Phygital Games in Beat Saber discipline Daniil Ivchenko.
Roman Konev became the king of this discipline