Streamers on Kazan winning the right to host the Games of Future

On the Day of Sports Journalist streamers from Kazan shared their expectations from the Games of Future 2024 and their thoughts about Tatarstan’s capital deservedly winning the right to hold such new tournament, leaving behind Moscow, St. Petersburg, the federal territory “Sirius” and Kaluga.

”I’ve been involved quite a few times in large scale eSports event in Kazan both as a participant and an organizer. Having been on both sides, I can honestly say that all events here were held at the highest level. Suffice is to mention the eSports League of Tatarstan, thought out and carried out to the smallest detail: starting from the choice of the best playground, the best technical equipment and invitation of interesting guests and up to high quality video-production, contests and small agreeable gifts for the spectators. The people who develop eSports in Tatarstan, are really passionate about it and give it 100%, they have vast experience. Therefore, I cannot imagine a better city than Kazan for holding the Games of Future. I believe it will be an amazing memorable event for everyone”.

Katia MissKittin Kirillova
participant of the All-Russian eSports student league, ex-streamer, journalist of TatGames

“It’s really cool that such global project as the Games of Future will be carried out in my native city. I am really wondering now what the event is gonna look like at the end of the day”.

Rustam Adekvat Mavlykov
streamer, commentator