T-killah challenged Dzyuba in phygital format

Phygital is getting more popular. Famous rapper and owner of media football club «Rodina Media» T-killah found out about phygital at the conference «New approaches». He told us about his esports preferences, plans to develop his own club and also challenge Artem Dzyuba!

— Do you play computer games? If yes, which ones?

— I play only Counter-Strike, but I stay in touch with other games, too – I know something about what’s happening in FIFA world, Dota 2. But my game is Counter-Strike.

— Is it interesting for you to participate as a player in a phygital tournament?

— Of course! In general, I am interested in any innovation, for example, NFT or crypto world – I like everything related to metaverse development. To tell the truth, “phygital” is a new word for me, but I have already googled it and now I understand that it is a combination of professional sport, innovations, IT and esport.

— In other words, it is something when athletes first play FIFA on a game console and then clash on the football pitch.

— Cool! I’m all for it. It is really awesome and amazing because all my friends, professional athletes, play CS:GO, Dota 2, FIFA. This is how they spend their free time. 

— Whom would it be interesting for you to square off with at the phygital tournament?

—  I would like to get even with Artem Dzyuba. Because I remember that during the quarantine there were many FIFA tournaments and I lost to him because I didn’t train. But I have to practice and take revenge. 

— So, we will wait for you at our tournaments! And the last question: recently you founded «Rodina» football club. Would you prefer to create a phygital football club? 

— We will move in that direction. We will cover events related to hockey, basketball, football and, obviously, media football. Of course, esports will also be presented on our channel.