Take Shot – champions of Phygital Games!

The second competition day in Kazan kicked off with two decisive matches in phygital basketball. The spectators watched two crazy matches and learned the name of the first champion of Phygital Games

Basketball Club “Minsk” vs Let’s Go

The losers of the semifinals BC Minsk and Let’s Go were the first teams to step out on the phygital arena in Kazan. Both teams were determined to score a win on the court of Kazan. But only one team was destined to achieve this goal.

The digital part was lop-sided as phygital basketballers from Minsk were dictating the point. Denis Bergman’s team was pulling off great combinations and firing three-pointers; overall “Minsk” looked much better than the opponent. Hence the lopsided score 21:8 in favor of the Belorussians looked quite logical.

But then the match on a real basketball court didn’t go without surprises. The players from Let’s Go rushed to overcome the deficit from the very first seconds, while more seasoned athletes from the “Minsk” basketball club were missing and struggling with the rebound. According to the rules of the genre, the fate of the match was decided upon towards the end. Let’s Go won the physical part 26:12 which allowed the club to secure a one-point lead over the players from “Minsk” club in the aggregate score! This is what’s so great about phygital format as you need to prove your mettle both in digital and physical. Congrats to the bronze medalist of Phygital Games!

Take Shot vs Liga Pro

Needless to say, the match for the third place was just a warm-up before the tournament main battle in phygital basketball. Of course, the crowd filled the stands to find out who will win the title of the first ever champion of Phygital Games – a title the teams Take Shot and Liga Pro were to vie for.

It should be noted that the game fully matched the poster which announced the clash! The teams fought for every centimeter and every ball both in the game NBA 2K and on the real basketball court. As soon as one team was up in the score, the other one would bounce back to narrow the gap. But in any sports discipline, and phygital is no exclusion, there could be only one winner – in this particular case the victory went to Take Shot team which won with just a two-point advantage over the opponent – 34:32.

Take Shot - The Winner