The All-Russian Federation of Phygital Sport (VFFC) is being established

World Games of Future announce a contest for the development of phygital sport in Russia’s regions. Bids are to be submitted until July 29, 2022.

Phygital (Physical + Digital) is the combination of physical and digital, it is the reality in which the modern world has been living for quite some time. And sports is no exception. Even the most conservative sports disciplines which has been sticking to traditional format for decades, do not neglect innovations and become more technology-oriented.

Therefore the main objective of the contest is to unite like-minded people and make phygitality trendy. The rules and regulations of the contest are simple: one needs to present an idea for developing phygital sports at one’s respective region and fill in the applications at the web-site. The results of the contest will be summed up before August 17. The author of the best projects will have the opportunity to spearhead the development of phygital-sport in their respective regions with the support of the Association with Limited Liabilities “World Games of the Future”, including the subsequent interaction with the All-Russian Federation of Phygital Sport as a regional affiliate.

In 2024 Kazan will host the inaugural Games of Future in phygital format. Prizes in 16 hybrid disciplines will be up for grabs at the tournament. Each of these disciplines combines classic sport, eSports or VR-/AR-technology.

Several dozens of bids from Russian cities were received during the bidding campaign meant to pick-up the host city of the Games of Future. Last June at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum the deputy chairman of the Russian government Dmitry Chernyshenko pronounced Kazan the winner of the contest for the right to hold the tournament. 

“The bidding campaign for the right to hold the inaugural Games drew interest from dozens of regions, therefore we invite all like-minded people for whom our concept rings a bell to join the phygital-movement officially. The range of phygital in sports is much wider than the initially-developed 16 disciplines. That will just become one of the goals of the All-Russian Federation of Phygital Sport to discover new hybrid disciplines, to create school, student, amateur and professional leagues”,says the project manager of the Games of Future Igor Stolyarov.