Tundra Esports grabs champions’ title at The International 2022

The 11th tournament of the series The International finished on October 30 in Singapore. The European team Tundra Esports claimed the champion’s title. In the Grand Finale the squad of Martin Saksa Sazdova defeated Team Secret 3:0. Games of the Future tell the story.

How our guys are doing?

Much to the chagrin of CIS fans the teams from this region definitely can’t have to their credit the results at The International. The best result of our teams at TI11was achieved by Team Spirit who took the 13th-16th places (the roster was defending its title from TI10). It hardly can be called a success against the background of the summer major in Arlington.

While Team Spirit at least made it to the big stage and played a game in front of the fans, then BetBoom Team and Virtus.pro this year remained “doters from the hotel”. The first team was out of the world championship after the group stage while the second failed to pass the stage Last Chance Qualifier. In short, our fans had little to celebrate but it is what it is. Let’s hope that we won’t have to wait again for as long as 10 years for a new victory and that next year CIS teams will return again to the top of the competition Dota 2.

Western Europe is ahead of the whole planet

Meanwhile our regional neighbors – representatives of Western Europe – this year on the contrary, take all the credit. The final positions of the teams on the podium is a good case in point as is showcases the dominations of the rosters. Team Tundra Esports, Tundra Secret and Team Liquid took the first three place Liquid, and the lineups of these teams fully consist of players from Western Europe who clearly dominate.

On the whole, if you look at how the tournament was developing, it is plain to see that Western Europeans left no chances to their opponents. Be it on the stage of the Last Chance Qualifier where both slots into the group stage were taken by Secret and Liquid, or be it in play-off where Tundra and Secret rolled over their opponents in the upper part of the draw. All year long experts and analysts noted that European teams perform at the highest level and their predictions fully came true at the TI11.

The two series Tundra – Secret (in the final and Grand Final) became the cherry on the cake of the tournament as they offered the spectators unbelievable shows and emotions. In both cases players from Tundra Esports proved stronger as each of them won a maiden champion’s title at The International.

Done with China?

Once a redoubtable force in Dota 2, this year China seems to have definitely given up on the throne. For the first time since 2013 no team from China reached the Top-3 and the last victory of China at the International dates back to 2016. Sad but quite logical.

Quite obviously, the Chinese fans were mainly pinning their hopes again on the roster PSG.LGD – twice runner-up at the three last TI Grand Finale but this year the charges of xiao8 were much less strong than they used to be. According to numerous pundits, this squad has simply outlived itself and the ongoing “dirty” talk around the team after its elimination only adds fuel to the fire. However, the fact remains, Chinese teams are no longer at the top of Dota 2, so now the heads of the clubs from the region will have to sweat hard when the transfer window opens to pretend again to the trophies of prestigious tournaments.