Ufenok77 in Kemerovo where the first phygital center opened

Robert Ufenok77 Fakhretdinov, a FIFA player and a member of the media-football club “On Sports” [Na Sporte] participated in the opening of the world’s first phygital center. It is a sports arena of the new generation which will unite in one place sports and esports. It is equipped with smart technologies. Here your activity both in virtual reality and on a real field is reflected in your profile and you are also awarded ranking points.

— What are your impressions from the phygital center?

— Very-very positive. A week ago I was at the Phygital Games in Kazan, at the first tournament of the series in the run-up to the Games of Future. Everything was organized at the highest level. It’s great that the guys from Kemerovo will have an opportunity to get the hang of it, to master the phygital format in sport when you play on a game console first and then you step out on a real football pitch and you play and you prove your mettle there.

— How useful do you think the new sports space of such format is for the young generation?

— I believe it is cool. The skepticism of many people disappears, even though I haven’t heard for a while skeptical opinions about computer games and esports but here we are dealing with such a format when you play a computer game, then you prove yourself in real sports. So, yes, the skepticism disappears, for sure. And again, everyone loves the modern world now, everyone loves to play with gadgets, it is hard to take the kids off it. While here you must be good in the virtual part and also not lag behind physically. Deep inside you realize that if you want to achieve success in this format, in the format of Games of Future, you must take care of yourself better, you must exercise and be ready physically, and this is very important, as a matter of fact.