Vadim Fereva Rulev and Artem Expensive Zhiltsov: “The toad is our mascot”

The Repulse team players are fond of the format of the Phygital Games and shared with us about the mascot of their team after emerging victorious in the opening match beating their opponent Awinaw.

– When you first learned about the Phygital Games, how did you react?

Fereva: When we learned about the format of the tournament, we were surprised because this was going to be something that would be happening for the first time. Usually we train, play and that’s where a tournament ends for us. Here we are in for both playing on the PC and playing laser tag physically. This is an interesting innovation.

– Was there anything hard about the physical part of the game?

Expensive: I’d say ‘yes’. I just stopped doing sports about 7 months ago because it gives me an enormous ache in my thighs. But it was cool. It’s great.

– Did you face any communication difficulties when you were playing laser tag?

Fereva: We had about 6-7 rounds of training which gave us quite an idea how to play the game. I don’t think we had any communication problems.

Expensive: Back at the hotel, we really took a good look the laser tag map, got the lay of the land, talked it through so it was all fine.

– Offensive or defensive?

Fereva and Expensive: Defensive, that is one hundred percent.

– The most valuable player in the game?

Fereva: Let’s be honest about this… I’m with Reiman (MementoMori) here, he’s playing right now. As a matter of fact, our whole team is valuable. All the players are the best.

– Same with laser tag?

Expensive: All of them are also the best at laser tag.

– Which one is the best map, in your opinion?

Expensive: The Factory.

– Which one you don’t like?

Fereva and Expensive: The Lanes.

– Why choose the medic in the game?

Expensive: I actually started playing sniper but it didn’t fly. It’s just that there were already a lot of professional snipers there at that time so I decided to try medic. It panned out quite well so I stuck with it.

Fereva: Meta is really changing now. You have to adapt to meta. I played engineer of one and the same class for three or four years. Then my captain/coordinator made me change the class. And I’m still playing it. It stuck. I believe it’s working out well for me.
I’m a novice player so which position/role would you suggest to me? Expensive: Don’t even start (laughs).

Fereva: Medic or engineer.

– Your captain had a frog toy…

Fereva: The toad, yes.

– Is this your mascot? Why not a duck?

Expensive: We have a player on our team, Artur Plushevoyemyaso whose last name is Zhabinets (eng. Toads). He’s been the source of many meme jokes. The captain once gave him a mole, and in return Artur gave Leonid a frog.

– What does your cap usually tell you before a match?

Expensive: Come on, guys, get you act together.

– Who do you want to compete against in the final? Winstrike or MementoMori?

Vadim Fereva: Both, honestly, I’d compete vs. both.

Expensive: I’m leaning more toward Winstrike.

–Any plans for the prize money… provided you win?

Expensive: Taking all of it to my deposit with Sberbank.

Fereva: I’ll cash it. Maybe it’ll help me not spend it all at once.

Interviewed by: Victoria Reznikova