Vladimir Voloshin: “Phygital is the right response for quite a few people”

A sport entrepreneur finisher of 15 marathons, winner of the World Grand Priх Ultrathriathlon Swissultra Deca 2018 Vladimir Voloshin took part in the All-Russian scientific and practical conference “Sports of the future”where he shared his vision of further development of sport and supported the format of phygital tournaments.

— What do you think of phygital-format in sports?

— Talking about the future, one needs to lean on what happened in the past. I am getting the impression that “phygital” is not only a new word which systemizes a big number of different types of physical activity in combination with the technologies these sports disciplines are equipped with – mind you, not equipped yesterday or today but a few years later. A large critical mass always begs the question: “Are we still going to be divided or we can be somehow united by some common movement?”. Therefore today phygital is the right response for quite a few people involved both in technologies and in physical activity”. When you experience this under normal conditions the critical mass demands on its own: “Unite us!”. Thus phygital becomes a unifying notion for a huge number of people”.

— Do you play any computer games?

— I guess now I don’t have for playing games but I remember how in my childhood I got my first computer game – a console to the TV in black&white format. It was so enthralling, interesting and so new to me – that I could play and see it all on the TV screen. Then I remember how I was Super Mario. I guess, I stopped playing right there. But it doesn’t mean that today when we are talking about cybersport development we are separated from those people who a really involved in this. There is a common understanding that it is already becoming a sport, that sooner or later it can be included in the program of the Olympic Games. There is an understanding that it attracts a huge number of people, both spectators and participants. Amateur teams are being formed. Digital space and the opportunity to play within this space often become a possibility in day-to-day life. Architecture would be a good example – just like the appearance of new formats of sport events where technologies become a part of the program of a sports disciplines and here we are talking about trail running, triathlon, cycling. An ever growing number of are created the juncture of technologies and physical activity логий и физической активности.

— What are your impressions from the conference “Sports of future” which lasted a couple of days?

— I have the impression that we are virtually the only ones in the world who are now discussing the format of Games of Future which will unite all technological sports disciplines. I believe we won’t stop there and will broaden our categories. And the people who hear for the first time about phygital will be able to put forward their initiative. There is ample room for creativity. Even today in the aftermath of the first two days of the conference ( the All-Russian scientific and practical conference “Sports of the future”- author’s note) we see a huge feedback from the students who are discussing the combination of cybersports and sports. Is it possible? For now the answer is “yes”. And nothing can stop us.