We opened the phygitality trend

The first modern student games were held in Moscow. On the border of real and virtual students tested their physical endurance, mental strength, tactical approach and in some cases their smartness.

Students of federal universities participated in the First open modern student games, including: the Russian technological university, the Moscow state university of food productions, the Moscow state university of sport and tourism (MSUST), the Moscow financial and industrial university “Synergy”, the National research university “Higher School of Economics”, The First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenov, the Russian State Agrarian University (RSAU) named after K. A. Timiriazev, the Russian State Social University, the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism (RSUPCSYT).

The heat of the engine, the burning rubber smell on a karting track, accurate three-pointers and the squeak of sneakers on a basketball court, one-touch combinations in football, the immersion in VR-universe, the sound of the puck hitting the hockey rink board – all of this helps to touch the present and future of sports.

The Games format rang a bell both with the participant and the crowd. It sparked emotions and discussions but left no one indifferent. Hybrid disciplines were tested which means the Games of Future, that new technological and digital tournament of the 21s century, are meant to be. These games measure the heat of passions not only in applauses and cheers from the stands but also in mega-bites of virtual universes.

“During those two days we saw exciting sports fights both in virtual space and on sports arenas. All participants have the spirit of a winner. Here and now they showed the result they are capable of. It is a new reality which equally united digital and physical sports. I am confident that shortly we will see more supporters of this new undertaking, the next games will attract more people and athletes”

Sergei Seyranov
acting rector of RSUPCSYT,
president of the Russian Student Sport Union (RSSU)


“Right now we are in the process of creation of a brand-new product, we have a number of hypothesis we break in during testing competitions to draw certain conclusions and get insights. We saw in the eyes of the participants of Student games drive, motivation with which they will energize the spectators. We are holding the Games of Future for the youth, for the new active generation which feels equally confident both in the digital and physical environment. It is the birth of a new movement, a new lifestyle which combines digital and physical sport”

Igor Stoliarov
The head of the working group of the project Games of Future



Football double-event
1st place – RSUPCSYT
2nd place – Synergy
3rd place – Higher School of Economics

Ice hockey double-event

1st place – combined team of universities ORION
2nd place – RSUPCSYT
3rd place – Moscow institute of radio-electronics and automatics

Basketball double-event
1st place 1 место – RSUPCSYT
2nd place – MSUST
3rd place – Synergy

Military tactical double-event
1st place – RSUPCSYT
2nd place – MSUST
3rd place – RSAU

Automobile double-event
1st place – Sechenov University
2nd place – RSAU-МСХА
3rd place – Synergy

Unmanned aviation double-event
1st place – RSUPCSYT
2nd place – Higher School of Economics
3rd place – Synergy