The Games of Future with the concept phygital are a new trend in sports. Yet the philosophy of phygital is much broader. It is a different way of thinking and a creative look at familiar things.

Therefore the mission of the project is meant not only to organize the tournament but also to educate a harmonious athlete of the future for whom the transition between the physical and virtual worlds will be seamless and barely perceptible. The scale of the Games of Future allows to take a fresh look at the approaches to education: gamification, use of MR-solutions, creation of unique educational formats both in school and universities.

Therefore, one year and a half prior to the start of the inaugural innovative Games not only phygital-competitions among university students plus professional athletes are planned but also interactive educational formats: workshops, master-classes, creative sessions where the phygital movement will develop in a broad sense.

The man of the future is created in the present! Stay tuned with the project!

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Проект Phygital Learn — о новом фиджитал-формате образования



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